Why recruit personnel through an external agency?

I still have my own HRM department that fills all my vacancies. Nope! It is already quite a task for the average personnel department to have a regular office position filled. Let alone the more specialist functions within technology and transport & logistics. Completing these requires completely different specs & skills. The real technician is no longer in the immediate vicinity and will have to be searched further and further as the shortages will only increase. The outflow due to retirement and illness is many times greater than the influx of young school-leavers. Suitable candidates are therefore further away, move in different circles and communicate via other platforms. Finding and approaching them requires specialist knowledge of the industry. Top Mechanic Jobs is that specialist and has decades of experience in technology and transport & logistics on board. Employees who are in the middle of daily practice and know what moves you as an entrepreneur.

Top Mechanic Jobs strategy:

  • Specialization in personnel services in the field of technology, mechanics, (int.) Transport, (store) distribution, planning, order picking, warehousing, cross-docking, forklift driver etc.
  • Focus on qualified technical and logistics employees.
  • Prominent and reliable clients of reputation in Germany and the Benelux with a high quality level.
  • Recruitment & selection entirely in-house through local own offices and employees.
  • Delivering value added services through consultancy work through sister company Abizz Consultancy B.V. and recruitment of international drivers via Top Trucker Jobs B.V..

Abizz Consultancy B.V.
Top Trucker Jobs

Top Mechanic Jobs vision:

  • TMJ develops personnel solutions for its technical and logistics clients.
  • TMJ strives for maximum quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction.
  • TMJ develops added service and values for its clients.
  • TMJ strives for sustainable solutions that meet the needs of both employer and employee.
  • TMJ wants to completely unburden the customer through its own developed concept.
  • TMJ strives for continuity in the business processes of its customers in an ever faster changing market such as technology and transport & logistics.

Jobs for Top Mechanics at Top Companies

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Top Mechanic Jobs core values

Top Mechanic Jobs is a reliable Dutch company that has been operating successfully in the market for more than 10 years. Top Mechanic Jobs speaks the language of the entrepreneur active in transport, logistics and related technology. Decades of experience in this industry guarantees this.